Language: Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography

Columbiaville, États-Unis © Aaron Burden

Using the wonderful words of acclaimed writer, actor and allround know it all Stephen Fry, urbanist and designer Matthew Rogers has created this kinetic typography animation.

He loved particularly this essay on language and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make his first kinetic typography.

Just incase you were wondering the programs he used to make this were all by Adobe. Mostly After Effects but also Flash and Illustrator. Flash for the changing background colour transitions and Illustrator for putting the words in to the shape of ‘language’ before loading it into after effects to animate.

You can download the rest of the audio file from Stephen Fry’s website: go to the audio and video section at the top of the page and look for the file entitled language.

You can also find the file on iTunes by searching the name ‘Stephen Fry’s Podgrams’.


Photo credit © Aaron Burden

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