About us

Voies aquatiques, Corsept, Pays de la Loire, France © Donovan Heneman

We are FLEUVE. We specialise in translation and writing in all its aspects – what we call “linguistic design”.

We translate from English into French and Dutch, from Dutch into French and English, and from French into Dutch and English. We can assist you with other language combinations on demand.

We write, edit, proofread, rewrite, optimise contents and check mock-ups in French, whatever the style, whatever the medium.

Our commitment

Nothing is created, everything is recreated. This sums up our work in a nutshell: writing, editing and translating mean in effect reinventing.

Whether translating from a source text, producing a brief with tailored content, adapting reference documents or improving editorial works, and whether destined for the web or print, everything we produce takes on its own identity and stands out as unique.

We carry out all your translation requests. More than simply transposing from one language to another, we bring a real identity to the target content, retaining the meaning and intended effect on the source reader. Translating is recreating.

Photo credit © Donovan Heneman