Our services

Rivière L'Isac à Abbaretz © Donovan Heneman

Our services cover all types of content – journalistic, informative, promotional, advertising or commercial – whatever the publication medium, web (including social media) or printed.

We take care of all your:

  • translation
  • writing
  • rewriting
  • revision/editing
  • content optimisation (SEO and SMO)
  • proofreading (standard and comparative)
  • mock-up and websites checking before printing or uploading.


We carry out all your translation requests from English into French and Dutch, from French into Dutch and English, from Dutch into English and French. Each translation involves proofreading. This service is included in our translation rates.


Based on a briefing (which can take the form of a discussion) or going directly to reference sources (official documents, background information, key figures, etc.), we can produce French text for your promotional flyer, new webpage, press release, posts and tweets, etc.


Are you looking to completely overhaul the content on your website? Do you have printed material you want to adapt for the web or modify for dissemination through social media? Based on these existing texts, we can provide you with content that is updated, yet retains editorial continuity.


We check the linguistic and stylistic quality of your content before undertaking any page layout work or uploading online. Throughout the editing process, we pay close attention to spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation as well as the choice and meaning of words.

Where necessary, we check to ensure that the style is consistent and appropriate. Our services include editing texts in French as well as bilingual editing (editing translations in French, based on English source texts).

Content optimisation

We can optimise your web content for better ranking (or search engine optimisation – SEO) and better visibility on and via social media (social media optimisation – SMO). Our work here is limited to editorial aspects.


You can also call on us to proofread your original French, English or Dutch content or content translated from/into one of these languages. The proofreading can be standard (proofreading and correction of content originally written in French, English or Dutch, or content translated from one of these languages but without cross-checking with the source text) or comparative (proofreading and correction of translations in French, English or Dutch based on their source versions) – see Revision.

This includes correcting any spelling, grammar or typographical mistakes in the text.

For proofreading work, we do not in principle touch the style. However, if requested, we can assess the stylistic quality of the text overall (using concrete examples). Based on this assessment, we will produce a list of recommendations where relevant.

Quality control

If professional quality controls are not part of your procedures, you expose yourself to the risk of errors being left in a text (and your brand image being tarnished) or, if there are serious mistakes in the text or page layout, having to completely reprint several hundred or even several thousand copies (with additional costs that don’t bear thinking about).

Same thing online: while the web may appear to give you real-time control, it can take a while for some corrections to be seen by users. Here again, you run the risk of bad publicity (even a communication crisis), with the negative impact that this can have on your reputation.

Before sending a brochure or flyer to the printer, or putting a new webpage or website into production, we can proofread the mock-up for you (final mock-up and contract proof for printed products).

We check the spelling, grammar and typographical quality of the editorial content (based on the source text) as well as the page layout (positioning of the texts and images) in accordance with guidelines established beforehand (graphic charter, editorial guide, flatplan, etc.).

Photo credit : © Donovan Heneman